Hello and welcome to Fitchology where we make an effort to give resourceful information to help meet your goals.  If you’re tired of hearing or seeing the same ‘ol advice such as “you should set SMART goals…” or hearing/reading another motivational article or quote.  You’re in the right place.

My name is Christopher Lewis and I’m the founder of Fitchology where we cover topics anywhere from personal development to fitness.  We’ll cover things that I have learned along my journey as well as things that has worked in my life that I’ve seen REAL results.

           The Problem

All of us have goals that we would like to accomplish but yet we never operate from our highest selves, and walking contradictions.  We say we want to lose weight, but yet we find ourselves on the couch watching The Bachelor while eating a bag of Cheetos (my friend loves that show).  We say we want to start that business but yet we let lack of knowledge and resourcefulness to even get started.  Why?

Well what I’ve discovered, it’s not an issue of self-discipline, or willpower, but a lack of understanding of ourselves.  We as human beings are in-denial of our bad habits and our natural tendencies to slip into behaviors that don’t serve us.  When we understand this, that’s when we can begin to take control of our circumstances.

 What You’ll Learn

We’re going to cover topics ranging from books, challenging widely accepted misconceptions, and how to really actually accomplish your goals without using another system that’s proven not to work.  So if you’re ready to get started, Start Here to get your feet wet.