How One Fashionista Lost 200lbs in One Year

Make up artist and hair stylist Simone Anderson caught a lot of attention when she posted a photo of her before and after picture after losing over 187lbs in a course of a year.  She has documented the whole process and managed to lose the weight using a series of diet, exercise, and weight loss surgery. 

Despite receiving a lot of praise for her efforts from her countless fans on facebook and instagram, there were quite a few people who gave her quite a bit of grief calling her a fake due to the lack of excess skin from losing a substantial amount of weight. 

So to set the record straight, she posted this photo below with the following caption: 

“I don’t know why, but every single comment that called me out for being fake and a liar really bothered me far more than it should…I think it’s because it took hours of crying and debating whether to share my story online and for others to see, posting the first picture online along with my weight for the world to see was the hardest thing I have ever done.”

She also wrote:

“Yes I have lose [sic] skin and stretch marks but I don’t feel the need to show them in every single photo I post online,”



I know that myself and a great multitude of people will like to commend her bravery for sharing her journey so openly, and shutting down the haters like she did with her photo.

So let me be the first to cue the Shia Lebouf clap…

Her story is an excellent example of perseverance, determination, and resolve at its best.  But it’s hard not to think about those individuals who discredited her results and be curious to why people would disregard something even though there’s overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.

Well, the answer I came up with was quite frightening because it’s something that we all do to ourselves at some point or another and if not handled, it could definitely cripple the possibilities of your truest potential with your most precious goals.

Why You Lose Confidence In Yourself

Do you know someone that you didn’t see for several months and when you saw them again, they have completely transformed their body?  I know I have, and what we usually say is…

“Wow you look great!!!  What have you been doing?  Are you on (insert diet here)…Are you doing P90X, Insanity, etc…”

We might expect some unique answer but most likely your friend just looks at you with genuine eyes and utters two words that you don’t want to hear but always hear…

“diet & exercise”. 

Inner feelings boil up to the surface immediately and you think to yourself, “Pfff, I can’t do that”…”that doesn’t work”…”losing weight is hard/tough…”…”I’ve already tried that.”

on and on and on…

We know this feeling all too well, self-doubt, uncertainty, and disbelief that clouds the brain waves when we try diet and exercise and doesn’t seem to work out.  With each failure, we lose more confidence and trust in ourselves to take action towards what we want.  It’s something that plagues countless people and it seems like only the very few are able to achieve successful results like Simone.  What gives? 

Well, after running into the same wall over and over again with my own ambitions, I discovered a common trait amongst those that get the results that they want and those that don’t and the answer is…


The type of focus I’m talking about is not the type you heard from your parents or teachers when you were in school…

“You need to focus…”

But the type where you FOCUS your life around one goal, one area.  For instance, If I were to spend a day with Simone I would probably discover that she was committed to her objective.  By day she works up the most coolest hair and make up styles for her clients but at night, she probably went to the gym and became a workout machine and did so probably almost every day and maybe even sometimes twice a day. 

Just the mere fact that she created a facebook page dedicated to her weight loss journey just goes to show how serious and “focused” she was to getting the results she was after.  Do you understand what I’m getting at?  When it comes to high achievement, one must immerse themselves to the process.  I believe this is what Simone did to achieve her extraordinary results.

Plus, most people that are successful in a specific area of their life put tremendous “focus” in that area AND do it for a specific amount of time.  They might focus on working out for 3 months, maybe for even a year or more to get to the next level.


Hint:  Movie actors do this all the time to get ready for a role (Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill ring any bells?).

For example, remember when you were in high school, or in college studying the great art of Cosmetology, Hair, and/or Fashion, and the majority of your life was focused around your education?  You did this for years.  Right?  Or look at fitness models, if you know anything about fitness models, when it comes time to start preparing for a photo-shoot in the coming months, they tend to pump the brakes on certain things they know will conflict with their nutritional goals and put most of their focus around their preparation, while either maintaining or easing off other certain responsibilities.

This is the most common trait that I see amongst high achievers and is a “tool” that you can use in your own life.  By putting most of your focus around one goal, and by easing off other things that are less of a priority to you at the moment, you can transform any area of your life.

Now you’re probably asking…

“If I want to focus on one area of my life for a specific amount of time, what do I do about the other areas?” 

Good question. 

What do you do is put those other areas and responsibilities in maintenance mode where your only job is to maintain those areas with little effort.  What do I mean?  You can create systems where you automate, outsource, or spend less time on certain activities to help create more time for your major focus for the next few weeks, months, or even years.  Once you have accomplished your objectives on a particular area, you can then switch up to something else while maintaining the progress you’ve made with your prior goal.  So just like Simone, if she had the art of hair and make-up down, she probably eased off on those activities to put more focus on her weight loss goals without realizing it.

The most powerful concept about this is once you have achieved your objective or goal, it bleeds into other areas of your life.  For instance, if you focused on your health & fitness goals for the next 90 days and you lost 30lbs, this might effect your love life in a positive way, or it doubles your productivity at work where you can take on more clients since you’ll have more energy.

So to close, if you have a goal that you’ve put off or have struggled to accomplish for years, maybe try out the concepts that I just mentioned above.  If your goal is to gain more clients for your business, hire a coach or mentor that can lay out a 6-8 plan to help you achieve that goal and apply laser like focus.  If your goal is to lose weight, apply the same principles.

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