It’s About The Process, NOT The Results

Have you ever said to yourself, “okay!

Today is the day it all changes, from this day forward, I will no longer eat X…” Or you say to yourself, “From this day forward I’m going to workout 4, 5, 6 days a week for now on…” and expect to follow through with your promise to yourself? 

Although the current evidence shows you might sit on your couch every night and may watch upwards of 3-4 hours of television each night.  But yet, you try to overhaul your diet and activity level in a matter of days and wonder why you can’t stick with the process.  Does this sound like you and ever wondered why this happens? 

Well, this usually happens when we constantly look at other people’s results and compare ourselves to them.  We expect to look like a Mario Lopez or Jessica Beil within weeks or months.  I know I’ve done this several times over.  I can think of several individuals that I admire as athletes who’s bodies can be compared to something you would see in Mr. Olympia or something out of a super hero movie.  But the problem is, when this happens we don’t think about the the daily investment and process those individuals went and go through to get where they’re at.  Usually individuals that has consistently kept up a good physique, have been working out for “years”.

Take for instance Dwayne Johnson.  People would say he has a outstanding physique and most only look at his results and say to themselves, “Wow! I want to look like that…” so they end up setting a lofty goal of losing several pounds, working out several days week, and cutting out any bad foods in their diet from the start. 

Then within a couple weeks or so, they find themselves in the same circumstances they began with when they started, with broken dreams, and feeling depressed about their results.  What did they miss?  They had good intentions of making a change, had a plan, and executed but still failed.  What happened and what’s the problem?

Well, the problem is they didn’t realize that people like Dwayne Johnson been working out since he was 14, and when we look at other people’s results, we don’t think about the process they went through to get where they’re at.  We don’t ask questions like, “How many years did it take that person to get that physique?””How did they get started?”. 

To help bring this point even further do you remember the first time you walked into a gym and saw individuals who’s bodies you admired or made you feel embarrassed about yours?  It has happened to all of us, but have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder what that person used to look like before they got that?  Or, I wonder how often that person was going to the gym when they first started?”  See where I’m getting at? 

It’s not about where you’re at or the results you have at the moment, but your commitment to a lifetime of consistent progression in the right direction.  Too often we focus on getting instantaneous results, and it’s a shame that they’re too many programs promising you’ll have the hottest bod on the block in 30 days or less. 

If you never worked out a day in your life or have little experience, you can’t expect to change your body and your life over night, and I’m sure people like Dwayne always realized this when he first got started.  And guess what?  People like Dwayne Johnson, are still striving for progress even though they’ve already done so much.

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Commit To A Lifetime of Progress, and Consistency

If you want to have “lasting change” you have to commit to a lifetime of progress, and consistency, and you must realize and accept where you’re currently are.  Be honest with yourself.  How often are you going to gym now?  Do you have experience working out?  What are your current eating habits like right now? 

Also, you have to develop a mindset of never ending improvement, make it a commitment for life. Furthermore, and most importantly, you GOT to start small.  When you start small, it gives you the opportunity to build good habits of consistency.  For example, what if you were committed to doing 10 push-ups a day and increase the amount by 5 every 3 weeks? 

I know it sounds like it will take long before you can do any significant amount but how many push-ups would you be able to do after 1 year, or 2 years?  If you were committed, you might be able to do 65-95 push-ups after one year, and 140-180 push-ups after two years.  And guess what? 

It wouldn’t be some fluke you can only can keep up with for a couple weeks, it’ll be something you’ll be able to do on a CONSISTENT BASIS!  Now I know there’s the principle of Logarithmic growth but that’s not the point here, the point is if you stayed consistent and committed over the “long-term” and started out realistically, the possibilities are endless what you can do over the long-haul! 

Does this sound like something you would want?  If you’re not convinced I’ll just leave you with this short post by former athlete, and world renowned personal trainer Joe Donnelly, and his mindset about success and getting in shape…

When you start a training/nutrition/fitness plan and your initial question is ‘How long until I lose this much, how long until I lift this much, gain this much’. You are setup for failure. Your thinking is short sighted. You see the end state as the prize as the trophy.

Thinking like this more times than not leads to interim success and long term failure. You crash diet or do tons if cardio. Hating every minute to drop those 15-20 pounds. You reach your goal maybe it was for a vacation, a wedding or whatever. You take a few days off, eat normal food and you are back to square one having pissed away your results. Sound common? I get 500 messages like this a week taking about ‘I’ve been lazy, took too much time off, need to start up again etc etc’

This is because the mindset is wrong.

Develop passion for the process of improvement. Fall in love with the day in and day out torture you inflict on yourself. This creates positive habits. These habits breed success.

Your trophy is having the opportunity to get better each day, to self improve. To relish the moments when the mind says quit but you tell it to SHUT UP!!!

The physique in the mirror is not the trophy. It’s merely a bi product of your grueling efforts.

Become addicted to the PROCESS of improvement and the end state will be a forgone conclusion…..”.

So you see, if a trainer like Joe is saying this, a person that has been featured on countless magazine covers, maybe it’s time to put down the gimmicks and concentrate on long-term progress so you can experience lasting change.  Imagine if you stuck with doing things this way, you’ll be able to have a body you’re completely happy with for a lifetime. 

Want to Know How To Get Your Goals in 90 days?
Learn this 3 step process of realizing your goals within a minimum of 90 days. Enter your email and you'll be sent a downloadable PDF completely FREE.
We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, or distribute your information in anyway.