Why Most People Fail To Get In Shape, And One Mother’s Story

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it can be so difficult to eat better, to stay consistent in the gym, or plain ‘ol change bad habits.

Most blame outside influences or other factors, but I believe it comes down to your internal mechanics and what’s going on inside and this film is a good example of showing that.

This short asian film based on a true story about a mother and her overreaching love for her son will bring you to tears, and may remind you of a valuable lesson that can help with your fitness goals.

Check out the 5 minute film, be moved, and then be shown what may make all the difference with your fitness goals that this mother may help you remember.

credit: Zealose

The Forgotten Lesson

So how did you like the film?  Were you moved?  Did you get the message? 

With a film like this, language has no barrier. 

If you’re a mother, I’m sure you can relate and would do anything for your children.

In the film, the mother cared less about weight loss and what others thought of her.  The only thing she did care about, was the painful possibility of losing her son to a terminal kidney disease… 

and her son’s only hope was she lose over 45lbs to be healthy enough to give her own kidney so she can save his life. 

Now if you or anyone else were put in this position, we can be sure that we would do anything to save the life of a loved one, especially if it were our own children.  

Which brings up the point, the forgotten lesson.

When the mother’s son became terminally ill, and discovered she could save his life by losing weight and sacrificing her kidney, she suddenly wanted to lose weight.


If it’s not obvious, it was because of the circumstances or rather the purpose and the reasons why.

One of the things most people fail to realize is that “your whys” are what create your actions and results.  When you don’t have a strong enough why or a purpose to achieve something, you’ll achieve very little or nothing at all.

Which I believe is the reason why only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them and 92% fail.

When you have a big WHY to do something, you’ll have the drive to follow through and get through almost anything, especially if it’s a purpose that’s bigger than yourself, such as saving a loved one’s life.


Why Most Don’t Follow Through

In the film, the mother didn’t have a big enough purpose to lose weight prior because she could care less.  It wasn’t until her son’s life was at stake she laced up her running shoes and became a lean mean running machine. 

Of course she’s not the only example.  A woman named Cassie who was on the Extreme Weight Loss show used the power of having a big “WHY”.  Cassie regrettably gave up her son for adoption at the age of 21, and in doing so, she began punishing herself through food to cope with the guilt and pain she felt for more than 18 years.

 And in the process she gained over 200lbs weighing in at 347lbs.

It wasn’t until loved ones around her, and her deep desire to desperately meet her son for the first time, she decided to begin her journey to lose the weight she had gained, and lost 176lbs.

Big juicy WHYs help get things done.

These are great examples displaying the power of having big purpose to do something.  When you have a purpose that’s bigger than yourself, a purpose that’s a driving force for you to succeed and take action, nothing can stand in your way. 

And in contrast is one of the reasons why so many fail to achieve their fitness goals, because they fail to have a big why, and fail to attach it to a goal to help them see their vision to fruition.

“When you fully feel why you are doing something, you will create the emotional excitement and ‘juice’ that will give you the drive and momentum to create the result.”

-Tony Robbins

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Give Yourself A Driving Force

So the question becomes, how do you go about attaching a big “WHY” that will not only motivate you, but create a burning desire to follow through with your fitness goals? 

How do we attach a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves that will make us jump out of our chair even when things are tough in our lives?  Well, this requires a little digging but one of the best ways to uncover a big purpose is to put yourself in a position where you “have” to perform. 

Put yourself in a position where, if you don’t succeed or take action, there would be dyer consequences, just like the mother in the film.  If she didn’t take action towards losing weight, most likely she would’ve experienced the painful event of losing her son to kidney disease. 

To gain this kind of leverage over yourself, think of support systems where you have to hold yourself accountable.  Throwing your hat over the fence sort of speak and having to jump over after it.

For instance, if your goal was to lose 30lbs, what can be your big purpose?  Well, what if you booked a photo shoot a few months from today, and then went onto your facebook profile and made a public announcement telling what your plans were to everyone. 

Or what if you began working out with fitness models that will hold you accountable and put your butt on the line if you don’t show up for a workout session?  How motivated will you be then? 

One person who did this was a gentlemen by the name of Stefen Pylarinos.  Stefen is a Entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast which you can find here.  He competed in the WBFF Fitness Competition and the way he forced himself to get in shape was by putting himself in a situation where if he didn’t follow through, the consequences would’ve been far too painful to bare. 

Here’s what he said in one of his blog posts giving an example of how he achieved his fitness goals…

“…As I did during my journey to the WBFF Fitness Competition was to make a public declaration on my blog, told all my friends and family, paid in advance for the competition, and invested in a coach.  I put myself in a situation where if I didn’t follow through and get in the best shape of my life, then the consequences was far too painful.  I would feel embarrassed, I would be letting so many people down…”

-Stefan Pylarinos

So as you can see, he put himself in a situation where he “HAD” to perform and saw his fitness goals through ‘til the end.  What was his big purpose or big why?  It was the fact he had people looking up to him and didn’t want to let any of his peers down.  It was the fact he already paid several people including photographers, paid for the competition in advanced, and put himself in a position where he had no choice but to move forward.

He burned the boats so he had to take the island. 

So the point is to uncover or discover something that will be the driving force behind you getting in shape, just like the two mothers had.  Here’s an excerpt from the book The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone that puts it best…

“If you approach an endeavor with average thinking, you will start to give up the moment you come up against any challenges, resistance, or less than optimal conditions unless you have some big juicy purpose as your engine…If you want to add even more energy to your goals, then make sure they are tied to something even bigger.”

-Grant Cardone

I challenge you to put yourself out there to experience an unforgettable journey and see your fitness goals through using the power of having a big purpose or why.  Maybe you want to be around for your kids when they’re older and be an inspiration for them,  Maybe you want to be able to be around for your grandchildren, or maybe the thought of death could be enough to make you jump out of your chair. 

Whatever the case, when you have an outstanding purpose, you’ll have the drive and perseverance to weather any storm that comes your way, and I challenge you to give yourself the gift to experience your truest potential, and a better healthier you.

So what bigger purpose will you attach your fitness goals?  Do you have one?  Comment below and share what your why will be.  Also do you have a friend or relative that could benefit from this, share it on facebook or twitter

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Want to Know How To Get Your Goals in 90 days?
Learn this 3 step process of realizing your goals within a minimum of 90 days. Enter your email and you'll be sent a downloadable PDF completely FREE.
We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, or distribute your information in anyway.

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