How One Fashionista Lost 200lbs And How You Can Too

simone anderson

Make up artist and hair stylist Simone Anderson caught a lot of attention when she posted a photo of her before and after picture after losing over 194lbs in a course of a year. She has documented the whole process and managed to lose the weight using a series of diet, exercise, and weight loss…

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How To Get More Results With Less Effort


Have you ever heard of Pareto’s principle?  If not, read this post because afterwards you’ll begin to see things a lot differently and understand what you must focus on to gain even more results in your workout program. So what is Pareto’s Principle?  Well, to put it shortly, it’s when you can get 80% of…

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It’s About The Process, NOT The Results


Have you ever said to yourself, “okay! Today is the day it all changes, from this day forward, I will no longer eat X…” Or you say to yourself, “From this day forward I’m going to workout 4, 5, 6 days a week for now on…” and expect to follow through with your promise to…

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Why Most People Fail To Get In Shape, And One Mother’s Story

Picture 2

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it can be so difficult to eat better, to stay consistent in the gym, or plain ‘ol change bad habits. Most blame outside influences or other factors, but I believe it comes down to your internal mechanics and what’s going on inside and this film is a good example…

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